Men’s Process Group

A men’s group for group therapy is different than a mixed-gender group–it has a different feel and different issues are often explored in different ways than in a mixed-gender group. This group is open to men only (whether gay, straight, bi, cis, trans). The type of group therapy I do is called a process group. It provides support for working on a variety of concerns and struggles (relationships, self-concept, anxiety, connection with others), and it is challenging. Most people are nervous about entering this kind of group–that’s completely expected. However, this kind of group is not good for people who have no experience doing “personal work” or “growth work” in psychotherapy or other activities that involve insight, reflection, challenge, and support.

This kind of group therapy complements individual therapy while helping people do a lot more than can be achieved in individual therapy. You will learn about how you come across to others, and you will probably feel more honest and connected than ever. One way this happens is from sharing with others what you normally keep hidden. All group members come to group with this in mind, knowing that others are nervous about doing this too. The self-acceptance and belonging from this kind of shared feedback and support can change your life and how you connect with people.

Therapy in a process group is challenging, so it is best to do after having some basic therapy experience. Joining a group assumes you are open to exploring who you are, and how you deal with connection, and to be with other people who share these values of authenticity and support.

Next Steps: Check your schedule and decide whether you could commit to weekly 85-minute sessions at the current group day and time. Then, call me to talk about your questions, goals, and concerns by phone. If it sounds promising, we will schedule a time to meet individually to talk about the details further. If after all that, you want to commit to the group and it seems like your concerns are a good fit with this group, we will have a few more individual preparation sessions before you actually join the group.

And if you want a realistic feel for what “process groups” are, check out this new series on YouTube, or read this article about the filming of the show.

Current Schedule:

  • Tuesdays 3:00-4:30pm (currently full, but working on launch of additional group in next 2-3 months–call me to learn more about it!)

Therapist: Jason Seidel, Psy.D.

For questions, call: 303-377-0999

Fee: $340 per month (weekly sessions of 85 min)