Facing the Dragons: A Role-Playing Group for Teens

The most dangerous dragons are the ones we face inside

For a lot of tweens and teens, traditional therapy isn’t a good match.  Many young people express themselves better through the mask of fantasy, and become more truthful when playing pretend.  This group uses the classic role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, as an opportunity for kids to build friendships, find support, and say to the team what they can’t say to their friends and family.  No experience necessary. Role-playing where kids can really see each other helps them explore relationships, build social skills, and feel enthusiastic about some good clean fun.  This is an ongoing group, ages 12-17. Please contact James Abrams at 720-432-5680.

Current Schedule: Openings available, contact us for time & day

Therapist: James Abrams, LAC

For questions or interview, call: 720-432-5680

Fee: $300 per month (weekly sessions of 85-90 min)