Re-Connected for High School Teens

Teens desperately need skills and support to communicate and connect

Surviving high school, navigating relationships, and figuring out future steps is a lot of work.  Really tuning in emotionally is even harder work for teens. The culture we are in is making it nearly impossible–and this is a critical time to change course in a healthy direction. The most important developmental question of “Who am I, really?” gets buried when teens are not connecting in a real way with their peers—and that can be dangerous. This ongoing process therapy group allows teens to take a break from performing.  It’s a chance to take off the mask, put down the phone, and practice being authentic and reflective with others. Mixed gender, ages 15-18.

Current Schedule: Openings available for this ongoing group.

Therapist: TBD

Time/Day: Thursdays 5:00-6:30pm

For questions or interview, call: 303-377-0999

Fee: $300 per month (weekly sessions of 85-90 min)