Support Group for Families in Recovery

Living with the Bull: A Support Group for Families in Recovery

Families need support for helping addicts recover

Addiction comes home because you don’t turn your back on family. And you want to support your addicted family member, but how can you? Living with a person in recovery–from whatever addictions they are overcoming–can feel like a full time job where you don’t know what you’re doing. This open-ended, ongoing group is for the families and loved ones of addicts, and focuses on building skills for holding boundaries, maintaining personal integrity, and expressing love through principled behavior. It also is a support group: living with addiction can be an extremely difficult and isolating experience.

Current Schedule: Openings available, contact us for time & day

Therapist: James Abrams, LPC, LAC

For questions or interview, call: 720-432-5680

Fee: $300 per month (weekly sessions of 85-90 min)