Art-and-Talk for Teen Girls

Getting girls together for support and self-expression

Art is our first language. It’s how we communicate truthfully–and from the heart. This group gives middle school girls permission to express themselves freely through a mix of art, music, writing and drama. Consider it a lab to practice sharing vulnerable feelings without ‘losing face’. In addition to giving and getting support about social dilemmas this creative experience will empower each girl to honor her own unique path. Groups available for girls ages 11-16. Rolling admission (just call to learn more). If interested in referring please contact Amy Stambuk at 303-895-5116.

Groups for girls ages 11-16.

Current Schedule: Rolling admission–call me for more info!

Amy Stambuk photo

Therapist: Amy Stambuk, LCSW

For questions or interview, call: 303-895-5116

Fee: $300 per month (weekly sessions of 75 min), includes supplies